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About the author: Jim McNally

After graduating from Albion College in Michigan, Jim McNally began his professional career as a high school athletic coach and teacher. He received his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University, and spent fifteen years in public education. Each of the last five years that he taught, Jim was elected by the student body as “Teacher of the Year.”

In 1978 he left public education to pursue a career in full time Christian service. Since that time Jim has been a pastor, a church planter, a liaison for Intercessors for America, a conference speaker and an international Bible teacher. He has led numerous short term missions, and apostolic teams.

Currently, Jim serves as founding pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship of Stafford, Virginia. Jim, along with his sons, Sean and Matt, planted this church in 1993. Jim, also, serves as founder and president of Harvest International Ministries, which is the worldwide outreach of Harvest Christian Fellowship. In addition to his extensive travel within the United States, he has made well over one hundred trips abroad. In fact, Jim’s ministry has been welcomed in over thirty nations on six continents.

Jim is recognized as a mentor and/or a “spiritual father” to a number of pastors, ministry leaders and businessmen in the United States, and throughout the world. He currently relates closely to business and ministry leaders in the United States, the Republic of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Mexico.

Jim’s messages are simple but insightful, often delivered in an animated and humorous manner. The manifest demonstration of God’s love and power in a quiet and casual ministry style has disarmed many skeptics and impacted and encouraged people from numerous religious backgrounds. Thousands have testified to being visibly touched by the power of God through the gift he carries.

Jim and Kathy, his wife of over four decades, reside in Stafford, Virginia. Both of their sons are ordained ministers. Matt and his wife, along with their three children are now located in Palm Coast, Florida. Both Sean and Matt have worked alongside of Jim in ministry helping to validate his “life message,” that is the restoration of fatherhood and sonship.

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